Portugal For Wine Aficionados

Wine tourism is at it’s best in Portugal, where viniculture is rooted in rich history, and is more a way of life than an interest. Wine enthusiasts will appreciate the abundance of selection, quality, and complexity found in Portuguese wine of all kinds. The cheapest table wine in Portugal is often more delicious, and of better quality than the most expensive wines in other parts in the world. Home to the world famous Port wine, you’ll have plenty of variations to try, and many vineyards and wineries to discover.

There are many wine regions in Portugal, each of which offer their own unique taste and distinct characteristics. The origins of Port wine can be traced back to Douro Valley, in the Northern center of Portugal. Just two hours outside Porto, you’ll find picturesque vineyards that sprawl across the hills and landscape of the valley, lining the river that comes inland from Porto’s coast. Further south, in the Lisbon area, you’ll find wine tourism at it’s best. Many of the most famous vineyards in the country can be found here, with accommodation, spas, restaurants and more all available for those looking for a little more than just wine tasting. In the Northwest, you can find the second most exported wine in the country, Vinho Verde, or Green Wine. This wine has a distinct, fresh taste, as it lacks the aging stage many wines have. In addition to all of these, there is also Alentejo wine, Moscatel wine, and much more. No matter where you go in Portugal, you’ll find a region with it’s own unique, signature wine and flavor.

In the cities of Lisbon and Porto, you’ll find many wineries that offer not only tasting, but tours of the cellar and other stages of the process. Port is by far the most popular Portuguese wine, and you may be surprised to discover just how many variations there are. Ruby Port and Tawny Port are the most popular, but there is most recently pink Port to enjoy as well. Discover details about the wine making process, what grapes come from which region, and even how to pair a wine with a complimentary cheese. Take an instructional or informational course, stop by a wine bar, take a wine tasting cruise, and enjoy all the many aspects of wine tourism Portugal has to offer. There is also an annual Wine Festival held in Porto, among it’s many wine related events, where you can taste and sample wines from all over the country. Research more about Portuguese wine, and wine tourism in Portugal on this site.

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