Packing Tips for Extended Holidays

Where ever your vacation might take you, packing is an important step you should give great consideration, especially if your trip is particularly long. Extended holidays are often most popular during summer vacation, when families travel together, and often go abroad or overseas for a much needed getaway. Packing for a long holiday is much different from packing for a short one, for many reasons. Taking the time to pack carefully can make the difference between an uncomfortable journey, and a smooth holiday.

Depending on the type of holiday you have planned, the destination, and the time of year you’ll be there, packing clothing will vary. Your best option for extended trips, however, will always be the same: pack for all possible weather conditions! You may be escaping to a remote island for the summer, but it’s likely you’ll experience rain, wind, and cold nights as well. Make sure you have everything you’d need for both extremes, just in case. This is also applied to footwear; you’ll regret bringing five pairs of sandals and flip flops, and no tennis shoes or walking shoes.

Many will choose a hotel for their holiday, but if you’re going for budget accommodation, you may need to plan for possible inconveniences. For example, you might not even think about having to washing your clothes while you’re on holiday, but if you’re camping, or in a hostel, you’ll need to pack some essentials. Instead of purchasing expensive detergents at your destination, your can bring individual packs of detergent. Laundry soap sheets are dry, compact, and portable, with no liquid mess. You can use them for hand washing, or machine washing, and you won’t need to carry around any extra products or weight. Extendable clothes lines are also available, making it easy to dry your clothes when the facilities aren’t available.

When you’re traveling with children, you should make sure you’re prepared for every possible scenario. Illness can ruin any trip, and children are more susceptible when on holiday. When traveling abroad, something as simple as drinking unfamiliar water can cause stomach ache. Bring along familiar medications to cover all the basics, from a cold, to head aches and stomach aches, even to jet lag or motion sickness. This will save you the trouble of deciphering unfamiliar labels or translating a foreign language at the pharmacy. Check out more packing tips here.

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