Useful Travel Apps

These days, there’s an app for everything, no matter what phone you might have. iPhones, blackberries, smart phones, or any web enabled phone can make the most of these travel apps. Whether you’re on holiday, a business trip, or just planning a weekend getaway, you can find an app to make your trip smoother. There are apps for those traveling with children, those who need last minute booking, and those who love discovering local cuisine. Every traveller can benefit from the broad range of travel focused apps out there; here are just a few of the most popular and useful.

Weather is an important part of your holiday, whether you want to be sure you’ll have plenty of sun for the beach, plenty of snow for the slopes, or you just don’t want to have your flight delayed. There are many apps that provide you with updated forecasts, but Accuweather is one of the most reliable. Offering forecasts for the coming hours, and up to fifteen days in the future, you can check current weather conditions any time, any where, for any destination.

Apps that give you directions, and help you find the nearest shops and restaurants are also in abundance. Many of which you’ll likely have to pay for. However, by far the most useful, organized and convenient location app is Google Maps, which is free to use on any phone that is web enabled. Many popular destinations across the world have thousands upon thousands of listings for cafes, super markets, and even metro or bus stops listed in the Google Maps directory. Check out even more travel apps over here.

Calling back home, especially when traveling abroad, can be particularly expensive. International calls, roaming charges, and long distance costs can really add up. If you want to chat with friends or family overseas, you can save a lot of money by using the Skype app for your phone. All you have to do is find a Wi-Fi hotspot, and call any of your contacts, no matter where they are, for a cheap international rate.

Planning a trip, especially an extended summer holiday, often requires multiple bookings, reservations, and other planning details. This means you’ll have an inbox full of confirmation emails, with important details such as contact information, reservation numbers and more. Keeping this information organized is crucial, and instead of bringing an encyclopedia’s worth of printed documents, you can simply reference the information on your phone. The TripIt app helps you organize and quickly find all of your delicate travel information, all in one place. All you have to do is forward your confirmation emails, and TripIt will arrange the data and organize your activities, flights, accommodation and more.

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  1. Jennifer Lockett says:

    It would be really helpful if you posted the links to these apps on the post. I have a few of them, but will be checking out a few more. I’ve got some wide range travel plans shortly.

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