Best European Shopping Destinations

Europe is home to many prized travel destinations, every country offering it’s own unique experience and attractions. From historical monuments to ruins, from natural wonders to feats of architecture, Europe attracts travelers from all over the world for a variety of reasons; however, one attraction stands above the rest, and that is shopping. Shoppers flock from every corner of the world to enjoy the opportunities Europe has to offer. With leading names and designers in the fashion industry, the most luxurious and coveted boutiques, and not to mention some of the largest and most popular shopping centers in the world. Europe has a lot to offer avid shoppers of all kinds, no matter what your budget, sense of style, or brand name preference may be.

Shopping motivates many individuals to travel, and where most would see a vacation opportunity to unwind, others see a great shopping opportunity. If you’re planning on traveling sometime soon, you should take advantage of the local shops and boutiques available. Shopping abroad poses many unique shopping experiences you may not find back home, especially when it comes to big cities that have the most popular brand names and boutiques, not to mention a long history in the fashion and shopping industry. For example, Paris would be an obvious travel destination for shoppers, as it is one of the largest fashion capitals in the world. The department store of Galeries Lafayette is not only a stunning example of Art Nouveau design, but also a gem in the shopping world. Marvel not only at the interior architecture, but also the abundance of luxurious shopping opportunities. Moving on to another fashion capital, Milan has home of the famous 10 Corso Como. Originally an art gallery, this boutique offers art of a new kind: fashion. Walking through this shop is like flipping through the pages of Vogue magazine, with every accessory and garment paving the way for the newest trends.

However, great shopping opportunities can be found outside of the fashion industries flagship cities, such as in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Here you can find one of the oldest department store chains in Europe. De Bijenkorf is several floors worth of shopping delight, with everything from jewelry, to coveted fashion brands, to books, to home decor and appliances. In Berlin, there is the modern and trendy Quartier 206, featuring all of the elite designer names in fashion, along with divine perfumes and interior decor and design shops. No matter how specific your shopping tastes might be, you can find it in Europe. For example, shoe shoppers will particularly enjoy the selection.

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