Most Iconic Cafes in the World

There are many things that motivate people to travel, and many sights that attract tourists from all over the world. Often these are monuments or historical landmarks, or feats of architecture that we can’t see anywhere else in the world, especially in our daily lives. Although these attractions will be in many tourism agendas, there are plenty of other worth while sights to see that may be slightly off the beaten path. For example, turning your afternoon coffee break into a sight seeing trip is another way to take in as much of your travel destination as possible. Make every occasion a chance to see and experience something new, after all, everyone has time in their schedule for a coffee.

Cafes offer a unique and relaxing atmosphere, one that can only be found in few places in the world today. The ambiance is created by the decor, history, and location. It’s funny to think that the coffee itself almost comes second, considering how much aesthetic value a cafe can really offer, one with fantastic coffee is always a bonus. Much of the decor is focused around one art style, which is carefully worked into every detail of the cafe. For example, Art Deco fans will appreciate the stunning Cafe Imperial in Prague, Czech Republic. This cafe is so famous it has appeared in many movies, with it’s iconic, tiled walls featuring ornate mosaics and Art Deco inspired furniture. They also serve traditional Czech pastry, which is a plus for tourists taking in local culture. Read this guide to Prague’s Cafe society for more info and ideas.

Those who prefer Art Nouveau on the other hand, will really fall in love with Cafe Confeitaria Colombo, in Rio. This cafe embodies the feeling of high class luxury, with it’s stained glass, high ceilings, and general atmosphere of grander. It’s not a surprise this location hosted many cultural events, balls, and other formal parties. Not to mention, delicious pastry, Brazilian coffee, and Iberian cuisine is served here daily. In a similar, Art Nouveau style, is the Cafe Tortoni, in Beunos Aires. Complete with elaborate stained glass and Tiffany styled lamps, marble and bronze, this cafe can’t be missed. The locals swear by the pastry, which keeps them coming back. There are also live performances, poetry readings, Tango shows and more.

Paris is known for it’s cafes, but of all their famous cafes through out the city, one stands above the rest: the Cafe De La Paix, in Paris. Styled in the same design as the nearby Opera House, this cafe features extravagant pillars, gold detailing, stucco ceiling, frescoes, marble and more. Many say the pastry is just as luxurious as the decor.

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