Central Europe via Prague

Prague is quickly growing as one of the most popular destinations in Central Europe, primarily because of it’s ability to cater to even the most strict of budgets. From low cost flights, to cheap beer, Prague is a highly desirable, and budget friendly location for many reasons. For those planning an extended trip around Central Europe, you’ll find Prague to be a convenient starting point for many itineraries.

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, has long been a popular destination among budget backpackers, for stag parties, and everything in between. This city is rich in delicious beer, beautiful architecture, and tourist attractions. Prague is a great introduction to Central Europe, especially for those who have not visited the continent before. It is full of quaint walking streets, stunning cathedrals, sprawling cityscapes around a winding river. It’s history and monuments are very much preserved, giving the visitor a very mediaeval experience with it’s breathtaking aesthetics. The look of Prague is very iconic to what many believe Europe to be, which makes it the perfect beginning to your exploration of Central Europe. It’s so iconic, in fact, it’s used to double several popular European cities in multiple movies.

Because Prague is essentially in the “heart” of Central Europe, transportation is not a problem. getting two, from, and around Prague is quick, easy, and affordable. Prague’s airport welcomes various budget airlines, offering cheap airfare to other popular European destinations. Popular Hungarian and German budget airlines, among others, fly in and out of Prague frequently. If you’d prefer to travel by train, you’ll find your destination options are not at all limited. You can reach Vienna, Austria, or Bratislava, Slovakia in mere hours at an affordable rate. These trains run often, which makes it easy to connect and visit other destinations as far as Budapest, Munich, Krakow, and more. Buses are another transportation option, with both domestic and international destination itineraries covered daily. These buses are comfortable and inexpensive, offering you yet another transportation option. Within Prague, you can enjoy an efficient and accessible network of metro lines, buses and trams. Anything can be reached by a combination of public transport services, all of which run frequently.

Czech Republic shares it’s borders with Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia, offering great opportunities for discovery nearby, without lengthy travel times. You can take a day trip to another country, and stay within your budget very easily. Having an insider look can help you plan, and get the most out of your trip. Research on blogs, such as Rick Steve’s Blog on Europe for more information on your European trip.

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